Special Event Permit

Marine on St Croix is a vibrant community and historic river town. Festivals and community-based celebrations demonstrate civic pride and spirit, as well as a deep stewardship of the St. Croix River Valley. It is important that events reflect the heritage and vitality of the village, and that they support quality of life for residents and promote hospitality for guests.


Events that require a Special Event Permit:

  • Athletic events 
  • Community festivals (more than 100 attendees on public property or right-of-way) 
  • Events using or traversing City streets or parks, such as a race
  • Parades
  • Private events with sound amplification or more than 100 attendees
  • For block parties go to: Residential Block Party Permit Application


Need more details on whether your event requires a permit?

Find exact definitions and parameters in the City Ordinance for Special Events 


How much does a Special Event Permit cost?

Fees vary based on the type of event. See the City Fee Schedule.