Lower St. Croix Management Commission Partnership Team

Agenda for Meeting #76 
  1. Introductions - Sign In – Determination of quorum (6+5+6)/3 X 0.6 = 4
  2. Approval of Minutes of the Previous Meeting: #75 May 30, 2023-Beaudet
  3. Skagen lift, St. Croix County-Wroblewski
  4. Lockwood garage, St. Croix County-Ward
  5. Morris home, St. Mary’s Point-Denzer
  6. Mellum utility, Pierce County-Beaudet
  7. Adkins/Somerfeld lift, St. Croix County- Beaudet
  8. Zappa grading, St. Croix County- Beaudet
  9. General Riverway Announcements
  10. Adjourn


Since the PT has no staff or budget, agendas and minutes will be furnished only by e-mail. Marine posts any available minutes on its website. Agendas are emailed to some municipal clerks in the Riverway for posting and emailed to some newspaper reporters.


Future Land Use Review Committee meetings: Afton City Hall, 1:00 PM second Tuesday of each 5-Tuesday month. October 10, 2023. January 9, 2024. April 9, 2024.

Future Partnership Meetings: Oak Park Heights City Hall, 7:00 PM fifth Tuesday of each 5-Tuesday month. October 31, 2023. January 30, 2024. April 30, 2024.


Oak Park Heights City Hall 14168 Oak Park Blvd. N. Oak Park HeightsMN  55082
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