Heavy Metal Day


Collection will be behind Security State Bank at the Wayside Park. You can find the list of items that will be collected, along with their prices, posted below.

Security State Bank will also be hosting a “Shred It” day at the same time. There will be a truck available for paper shredding in front of the Bank.


 Household Items
  • Mattress $20.00
  • Box Spring $20.00
  • Chair $15.00
  • Couch $20.00
  • Car Tire (without rim) $12.00
  • Car Tire (with rim) $20.00
  • Small TV (under 19”) $20.00
  • Computer Monitor $20.00
  • Large TV (over19”) $40.00
  • Console TV $60.00
  • CPU $15.00
  • VCR $10.00
  • Microwave $20.00
  • Dehumidifier $30.00
  • Refrigerator $30.00
Items listed above will be charged their appropriate fee. In addition to individual fees listed above, larger loads of miscellaneous garbage will be charged the following fees. Examples of miscellaneous garbage include, but aren't limited to: lamps, sand boxes, bikes, fencing, dog houses, play sets, doors etc.
  • Trailer Load (4’x4’x8’) $42.00
  • Pick-Up Load (level full) $42.00
  • Car Truck Load $24.00
  • Minivan Load $30.00
  • Station Wagon Load $24.00
No household hazardous waste, paint, oil, fluorescent bulbs, yard waste, construction debris, rock or pavers, cement or batteries. Hazardous waste and batteries can be disposed of through Washington County’s Environmental Center. Yard waste can be dropped at the city’s compost site. Details at www.co.washington.mn.us/604/Environmental-Center and www.marineonstcroix.org
Last updated 2/15/2024 2:11:35 PM