City of Marine will Defend Short-Term Rental Ordinance

John P. Norusis v. City of Marine on St. Croix
Washington County Court File No. 82-CV-20-3974


John P. Norusis has sued the City challenging the City’s recent adoption of a Short-Term Rental Licensing (“STR”) Ordinance. See Ordinance No. 2020-156. The City adopted the STR Ordinance after a lengthy process, which involved a substantial amount of public participation and comment, and is consistent with the regulations of other municipalities.

Paul Reuvers, through the League of Minnesota Cities Insurance Trust, is defending the City in this litigation, along with City Attorney David Snyder.

Norusis sought a preliminary injunction to preclude enforcement of the STR Ordinance, which Chief Judge Douglas B. Meslow denied in an Order and Memorandum, dated December 23, 2020. Significantly, the Court found Norusis was not likely to succeed on the merits. The City will continue to vigorously defend the STR Ordinance and fully expects to prevail in this matter. The litigation process could take a year, or more, to complete.