Chip Sealing Slated for July 18

June 2 Project Update

Chip Sealing has been scheduled for Thursday, July 18th, weather permitting, and will apply only to roads shown in BLACK on the location plan.

This process will likely take a few hours and will be drive-able shortly after the material has been rolled. Streets will be swept immediately prior to chip sealing, and again twice after. The 1st time approximately 1 week after application, and the 2nd time approximately 1 month after application.

  • Please do not park on a road planned to be chip sealed between 7 AM – 7 PM the day of construction. “No Parking” signs will be placed on these roads the day before construction.
  • There may be a short period of time (15-20 minutes) when you cannot enter or exit your driveway when they are chip sealing in front of your home.

Once they have rolled the material, you will be able to drive on the road again. We apologize for any inconvenience this construction may cause you. Thank you for your cooperation and patience throughout the process of improving our streets!

Please contact the City’s construction representative Isiah Bubany at (651) 308-1491 or if you have any questions or concerns.

For a map and project history, see