Litigation Update: John P. Norusis v. City of Marine on St. Croix


John P. Norusis sued the City challenging the City’s adoption of a Short-Term Rental Licensing Ordinance. See Ordinance No. 2020-156. The City adopted the Ordinance after a lengthy process, which involved a substantial amount of public participation and comment, and is consistent with the regulations of many other municipalities.

The City is asserting a counterclaim in this litigation, seeking an Order to require Mr. Norusis to fully comply with the Ordinance. The City has scheduled a Motion for Summary Judgment before Washington County Chief Judge Douglas B. Meslow, which will be heard on July 9, 2021. Following the hearing, the District Court will have 90 days to issue a decision. The City fully expects the Court to affirm the City’s authority to adopt the Ordinance.