Education District Committee Seeks At-Large Member



The Marine on St. Croix City Council is looking for a community member to serve on the committee developing a master plan for the current and future use of property located at 550 Pine Street or “Marine Multi-Generational Education District.”

Interested residents may submit a resume and letter of interest to the City office, either by email, in person or City drop box. The position will remain open until filled.

Questions can be directed to Councilmember Bill Miller at



Marine Multi-Generational Education District Advisory Committee Purpose and Charge: Marine on St. Croix citizens have long demonstrated a commitment to education, including the founding of the village’s original school in 1853. Citizens both value and support multi-generational learning in many ways, including strong support for local organizations involved in history, civic advancement, K-12 education, adult education and more.

The acquisition of the ‘Marine Multi-Generational Education District’ in 2019 was a major investment by the City and its tax payers, and was a reflection of the City priority of supporting access to educational offerings.

In recognition of this investment and importance to the City and in keeping with the forward-looking approach of the City,  the City Council has created this Committee to develop a master plan for the current and future use of the ‘Marine Multi-Generational Education District.’

  1. A committee appointed by the MOSC City Council, consisting of (one person may fulfill more than one role):
    • 1 member of the Council
    • 2 members of the Planning Commission
    • 2 Citizens at Large
    • 1 MVS representative
    • 1 MMFS representative
    • 1 Neighborhood representative
  1. The Committee Primary Focus is on the Marine Education Site at 550 Pine Street, Marine, consisting of approximately 8 acres.
  2. Outcomes expected from this effort include:
    1. Understand the interests and expectations of citizens regarding the site
    2. Communicate with and gather information from all stakeholders
    3. Communicate with other local educational organizations (for example, arts education and environmental education organizations) to avoid duplication of potential uses and identify potential future collaborative partnerships
    4. Confirm the current zoning and infrastructure limitations for the property
    5. Create a master site plan which will include but not be limited to the following:
      i. Site plan
      ii. Infrastructure Analysis
      iii. Funding Considerations
      iv. Use Parameters
      v. Recommended factors to be used when evaluating proposed new uses of the property
  1. This committee shall report to the Council on a monthly basis and as needed.
  2. This committee will disband after the master site plan has been created, with the anticipated timeline to be completed within 18-24 months.